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Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart speaker With Clock

Smart speakers have become the most exciting and fastest-growing gadgets in consumer tech right now for their ability to combine high audio quality and digital assistant. This new Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart speakers designed to seamlessly voice control your music apps, news/weather, and several smart home devices.

DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness With Quick Release Buckles

Choosing the best camera strap can be difficult, especially when you need to hang the camera for hours. Sling or hand strap will not be comfortable and restricts you to move freely. This harness is quite strong, and the leather padding provides a comfortable fit around your shoulder and chest, so you don't feel any weight from the camera.

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball, RELIEVE STRESS

Squeezing a rubber ball is not as effective stress management practice as smacking a punch ball. To take out your aggression, mount it on your desk to manage your anger and release your emotions. As chronic stress can deteriorate your health, this punch ball also helps to improve your overall health.

Apple AirPods Pro With Active Noise Cancellation

When it comes to wireless earbuds, Apple Airpods is the first choice for the majority of people. With better sound quality, better fit, and active noise cancellation, AirPods Pro is the perfect wireless earbuds for a superior sound. The Pro is lightweight and has a new in-ear design that will fit more people.

TOTO Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat With PreMist, Temperature Control

The trend for electronic bidet seat for the toilet is growing as these are durable, takes care of your hygiene, and the heated seat saves you from sitting on a cold surface. It uses water as a replacement for toilet paper to wash you clean. Another useful feature is the deodorizer that eliminates bathroom odors, and a pre-mist spray designed to keep your toilet seat clean.

Google Pixel 4 – Black 64GB Unlocked

Google recently launched this new stunning phone, Google Pixel 4. The phone is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, with 6GB of RAM. With a 16MP telephoto camera, you get the perfect color and exposure balance. Pixel 4 works on Android 10 with the all-new Google assistant that helps you to get the tasks done with your voice.

Dyson Air Purifier, Wi-Fi Enabled, Alexa Enabled

Air purifiers have become increasingly popular among consumers. As pollution is increasing significantly, air quality is a serious health concern, including the indoor air. This smart air purifier provides real-time air quality reports and keeps the air clean while heating or cooling it. You can operate the purifier using your smartphone and voice control.
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